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Welcome to Memento Vitae

Memento Vitae is a small, Michigan-based
business specializing in past life readings and
regressions, and esoteric clergy services.

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information and comprehensive pricing.

Even though Google sometimes says differently, Memento Vitae is in Macomb County.

Memento Vitae takes a firm stance on the opposition of cyber stalking.
As a business based on light-work, Memento Vitae is spreading awareness about cyber stalking.
Please visit QuitStalkingMe.com to find out more information on this crime or to report a cyber stalker. Cyber stalking is a crime that may incur large fines and jail time if convicted.
Think you're being stalked, or could you be a stalker? Please visit the Wikipedia article on cyber stalking for definitions and more information.

Why Should I Care About My Past Lives? a blog entry by Ali from the Michigan Psychic Fair

Healing the Axis
If you are a reincarnated Holocaust victim or nazi, please visit www.healingtheaxis.com for resources.

Memento Vitae is officially accepting credit cards! No PayPal, no Google Checkout, no hassle! Lady Visa, Master of the Card, and American Express all accepted, even at fairs, when traveling, or online in advance.

Please visit Michigan Psychic Fair for future readings from one of their great psychics!

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